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An ODL reschedule policy is going to be required starting in the Spring of 2006. Due to the fact that reschedules affect not only the team needing to reschedule, but also the opposing team and the limited ODL staff, we will be limiting each team to two per season. The third reschedule will be considered a forfeit by the requesting team and the more obvious team will benefit by getting a free game in their place.

A reschedule is only valid if the request is made 4 days prior to the scheduled game.


Included for reference only!

In an effort to provide a more stable Oklahoma Premier League we have implemented a more restrictive game reschedule policy.  We would appreciate everyones efforts in adhering to this policy.  As many concessions as possible were made in the development of the schedules just released.  When you consider that this is a state-wide league, utilizing approximately 15 - 20 complexes with varying game times, coupled with the fact that many coaches have multiple teams and we are scheduling approximately 850 games I think you can start to understand the magnitude of the process.  (Note: we tried extremely hard to work around coaching conflicts of coaches with two teams but it is near impossible to schedule around three teams and we are encouraging coaches to have assistant coaches available)
If you have suggestions on how to schedule better in the future, your e-mails would be appreciated.
Reschedules will be limited to extenuating circumstances only  U11-U14 teams will be able to note 3 weekends or 6 days as no play dates.  U15-U19 will note 4 weekends or 8 days as no play dates. Teams in the SPL will not include those game dates in their no play dates.

In extenuating circumstances an appeal to the LOC must be made by:

A.   submitting a fully completed (must include two reschedule dates agreed upon by both teams) OPL reschedule appeal form (email statewideleague@oksoccer.com for a form)

B.  Include a $100 fee

Submitted to the OSA Tulsa office no later than 10 days prior to the scheduled game day.  It must be hand delivered to the Tulsa Office or mailed to P.O. Box 35174, Tulsa, OK  74153.   - No emails or faxes.  ALL PARTS of the form and fees must be completed to be considered. 

Martin Dozier




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